Youth who are experiencing homelessness are resilient and resourceful, and are the experts of their needs and priorities. We utilize a strengths-based, Housing First model, and believe in participant-driven service provision. PFC values personal autonomy and harm reduction, pursuing social justice in all our work.

Project Fierce is a grassroots, community based and supported organization. We exist to serve the evolving needs of LGBTQIA identified young people with financial and volunteer support from aligned communities. We support young people’s desire to positively impact their communities.

Equity and inclusion are critical components in ensuring that those most impacted by injustices need to be involved in their own solutions. We believe positive personal change is most successful when the intersections of identity and lived experience are affirmed. Young people often travel far distances to secure LGBTQIA resources, we collaborate with communities on the West and South side of Chicago to provide safe, affirming and accessible housing solutions.

In order to be as responsive as possible to youth we do not seek government funds. We are funded by grants, community donors, and responsible corporate partners. Our collective model is non-hierarchical and we strive for transparency and long term organizational wellness.

“Thriving youth, thriving communities” is more than a mantra, it is the future that PFC envisions for participants within all areas of the organization.  Young people, volunteers, employees, and community supporters alike deserve affirming, youth centered housing that creates opportunity for independence.