Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Project Fierce Chicago?

We are a collective of LGBTQ community members, social workers, young people and allies committed to creating an affirming transitional living space for LGBTQ youth. Our members contribute financially and through volunteer hours. We are currently recruiting collective members, so please consider becoming a member yourself!

What is the Leadership Team?

Our leadership team includes a small group of leaders who are putting in a lot of behind-the-scenes work to develop the organization. We operate by majority vote. Learn more about our fabulous Leadership Team by checking out their biographies. Launching this project is going to take a lot of time and energy! If you are passionate about housing LGBTQ youth, read more about joining our collective or even our leadership team.

What is a Collective Member?

Collective members are crucial players in PFC’s sustainability! They are the broad range of people who are invested in the success of the project. They contribute monetarily each month. In addition to public recognition, they have the opportunity to attend quarterly meetings and help shape how the project develops. Please consider joining our collective!

How far along is Project Fierce?

We publicly launched the project in April of 2013. Since then we have raised funds, built our community, and purchased a home to convert into transitional housing. We have also built relationships with the city and organizations in Cook County, built a strong network of volunteers and collective members, and have a clear plan outlining the timeline, structure and programming we plan to offer in our home.

How is Project Fierce Chicago different than other youth housing programs?

Project Fierce Chicago is a grassroots collective that is non-hierarchical, and focused on community funding. Our collective is not seeking government funding, in an effort to remain as autonomous as possible, and to be more responsive to our community.

PFC’s community home will provide longer-term transitional housing for LGBTQ young people ages 18-25, which is extremely limited in Illinois. In addition to living space, residents will have access to support aimed at transitioning to independence such as educational and vocational training, independent living skills training and individual and group therapy, based on their expressed interests and needs. These services will primarily be provided by dedicated volunteers & collective members.

Additionally, PFC’s goal is to become a largely self-sustaining community through the utilization of a collective funding model, the maintenance of a community garden and an in-house workshop in which volunteers and residents create daily living items such as soap, lotion and household cleaning products with natural ingredients.

How do you intend to fund this program?

Project Fierce Chicago is primarily funded privately by generous community members, through crowd-funding campaigns, events and other giving programs. Additionally, a significant portion of our budget comes from collective member pay-in, which allows us to be sustainable. Finally, we have been awarded several foundational grants, and intend to seek more foundational funding in the future.

Finally, we plan to create a revenue-generating component in our space. We will provide low-cost office space to other harm-reduction organizations that compliments the work we do, and we also plan to have youth contribute monthly to the house as they gain employment.

How can I help?

You can help by getting involved as a collective member by signing up to contribute a monthly donation of any amount that you can, or by volunteering with us. Also, you can support us by spreading the word about PFC to your friends and families. We are especially excited about folks who can help consult with us about fundraising and in-kind donations, event planning and social media. If you have other skills and interests, please visit the Get Involved section of our website for more details, or contact Cassie Warren.